Pastor Aulson was in Southern California this past week doing a “parking lot Revival” for our brother Robert Dodd in South Bay. I look forward to hearing his report on Sunday of how God moved during the revival services.

On Friday evening, we had another “Hymn Night” in Tempe. The hour long service was recorded on YouTube and is available to view at this link ( or on the Tempe website if you’d like to encourage your soul!

We had a welcome rain storm Friday night, but are back to a forecast of sunny and hot for the next week or so.

Our brother John DeVivo in Avondale, AZ is having the Grand Opening in their new building tomorrow morning. His Pastor, brother Casey Mammen will be there to preach 5 revival services through Wednesday night. I’ve listed that on the “additional Prayer Needs this week” slide as a reminder for us to be lifting this up over the coming several days.

Our brother Artie Marin is our International target this coming week and when he emailed me his prayer requests a few days ago, he included the following short report: “Thank you for setting us up this week for Focus Fire, we are doing well amidst the pandemic as we are still preaching on the streets, evangelizing and having services weekly along with daily bible studies and God is adding to the church Praise God!!!”  Glory! Thank You Jesus for continuing to lead us and help us!

Attached are the slides in 3 different file formats of this week’s 2 Focused Fire target couples/churches for you to use and communicate. I thank you for your faithful participation with us in this ministry of prayer!

May God bless all that you do throughout this coming week!

Until next time, your brother and prayer partner,


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