Greetings from HOT Tempe Arizona… We’ve had a couple 115 degree days this past week.

We had big news this past Sunday as we followed the example of our mother church in Prescott and re-opened the Tempe church with no capacity limit! In Arizona, churches are exempt from the 50 person maximum for public gatherings. That was communicated last Saturday evening and we had a nice turnout on Sunday morning. Of course we’re still being careful with masks and hand sanitizer and distancing in our rows of seating. This makes me hopeful that our Tempe Conference will be in person rather than online… Pastor Aulson mentioned on Wednesday that Pastors Richard Rubi and Greg Mitchell will be our Conference Speakers.

And speaking of Pastor, he had some crazy food poisoning on Sunday afternoon and it took him out for most of this week. I’m sure he’d covet your prayers for complete healing.

I received a report from our brother John DeVivo yesterday regarding the Grand Opening of his new building last Sunday and the Revival with Pastor Casey Mammen earlier this week that we’ve been praying for: “We just finished up Avondales first revival. We felt God in the church all week. God gave Pastor Mammen 4 powerful and timely messages for the church. We had one sister saved the Sunday before, she made it to 2 nights. We had 1 visitor, she made it to 2 nights. We look forward to God building His church in Avondale. Thank you all for your support and prayers.”  Thank You Jesus!

I wanted to mention that the prayer request for Scott Day that we’ve been lifting up over the last several weeks is the father of Pastor Aulson’s son-in-law, Greg Day. (Greg is married to Pastor & Michele’s youngest daughter, Jackie.) The PET scan that we’ve been praying is “clear” will happen this Monday, Aug 3rd. Thanks for praying for Scott!

Our Focused Fire target couples/churches and their prayer requests are shown on the attached files. Thank you brother for your faithful and persistent prayers. Your partnership is so appreciated!

God bless you and your family and your ministry throughout the coming week!

Warm regards,


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