Greetings my faithful brother! I trust that you are well…
I’m excited to start off this week’s email with a praise report about Scott Day. We’ve been praying for him for the last several weeks regarding being completely and forever healed of cancer. He had a PET scan this past Monday. Here’s the report I received from his son, Greg Day: “We got very favorable scan results! No glowing spots to speak of! – Cancer free scan. Dr.’s are still recommending the stem cell procedure, (his brother) Jeff Day is a 100% match (rare) but the good news is my dad won’t have to undergo any additional chemo!”  And Jackie Day added: “AMEN! It’s a miracle. Absolutely a result of united prayer and God’s power.”HALLELUJAH! Thank You Jesus! What an awesome God we serve! Thank you also brother for praying!
We learned on Sunday morning that Pastor Aulson was suffering with a kidney stone, but he still came to church and he still taught the Sunday School class! Pastor Kuehneman preached about “When World’s Collide” for our Sunday morning service and Pastor Aulson was planning on preaching for us on Sunday evening. It turned out he got worse as the afternoon progressed, so he stayed home on Sunday night and Bob Burrus preached a message about “The Power of our Testimony”. Wednesday night, Pastor Aulson was back and told us something to the effect of part of the kidney stone was gone and he was doing much better! He preached a powerful message about “Overcoming the Covid Curse”. It’s definitely worth your time to listen to this sermon. He preached to us from the perspective of being our spiritual father and had many challenges, words of caution & warning, and words of encouragement to help us through this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he preaches this sermon again at the upcoming Conference. It was THAT good! Here’s the link:
Pastor Aulson is very interested in getting things back to normal… You’ll hear his appeal to people that have not been physically coming to church to come back to church. We’re about to resume our Children’s Sunday School and Children’s Church, Home Bible Studies and Saturday night Music Scene. I’m thankful to hear this!
This week’s Focused Fire targets and their prayer requests are listed on the attached slides for your use and distribution. Thanks for standing with us in praying for these precious people and their current prayer needs. As you know, and as we regularly experience… our God is faithful! Glory!
God’s blessings on your weekend and ministry!
Warm regards,Kevin

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