Happy New Year my brother…

Welcome 2021! We made it! Hallelujah

Thanks for praying for Tempe this past week… a few people/families that have been out because of sickness have returned! And both Pastor Kuehneman and Sister Michele Aulson have been out this week because of Covid, so please pray for their healing and return.

I’ve received a few more reports since last week’s email that I’d like to pass along to you: (as always, thanks for praying about these people and situations!)

  • from Sister Barb Fisher on Saturday, 12/26 (regarding the health of our brother Alphy Fisher): “Alphy continues to do well from his brain bleed. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 We both did have Covid but recovered with no real issues. We are very thankful to have a good report!! God’s best to you,”
  • from our brother John DeVivo on Tuesday, 12/29 (regarding his mother-in-law, Cricket Jones who had been hospitalized with pneumonia): “My mother in law is getting out of the hospital as I type. Praise God. She is going into a LTC facility. Thank you all for your prayers.”
  • from our brother Santino Juarez on Friday, 1/1 (regarding his son Noah who had blood in his urine): “Noah has been on anti-biotics for a little more than a week and he no longer has blood in his urine, he feels good, looks good and has no more pain! A mass was recently seen in his bladder and an ultrasound is scheduled for this Monday, 1/4 to determine the status/existence of that mass. They’re praying for a good report. Noah has a new-ish doctor who is in the process of weaning him off steroids. Within a month, he’ll be off steroids completely. Noah’s body is reacting very positively to this change in medication. Brother Santino and his wife are contending that Noah will be fine without steroids.” I’ve included Noah Juarez again on this week’s “additional Prayer Needs this week” slide.

We began a new calendar of Daily Bible Reading today. This year, the readings are listed in a chronological order. I’ve attached a pdf file of the 12 monthly pages that make up this year’s Guide in case you’d like to print it out or refer to it.

This coming Monday – Wednesday, we’ll be joining our Mother Church in Prescott and other churches throughout the world in a 3 day Fellowship Fast and prayer focus about next week’s Prescott Conference.

For your information and use in prayer, I’ve updated and attached the “Tempe Prayer Targets” list which includes all of the Pastors and Churches that make up the Tempe Wing of the Fellowship.

This week’s 2 Focused Fire target couples/churches and their prayer needs are attached in 3 different file formats for your publication and use in prayer. We so appreciate your partnership in prayer and intercession! May God multiply your time and fruitfulness this coming weekend as you minister and serve.
Until next time,Your brother Kevin

International Prayer Requests
National Prayer Requests
Additional Prayer Requests

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