Greetings brother!

It’s been a week for the history books, and certainly a great week to be saved! Pastor Aulson preached along those lines on Wednesday night with a timely sermon called, “Looking Unto Jesus”. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to “welcome” another Pastor to this group of Focused Fire Partners! Pastor J.D. Ruiz expressed interest in getting involved… He and his wife Patricia have been laboring for many years in Litchfield Park, AZ and are having revival! We’ve been targeting our prayers for their ministry this week. I continue to thank God for each of you that labor with us in this ministry of intercession and I pray for you and your church every day.

I also wanted to give you an update on Noah Juarez, the son of our brother Santino Juarez. They had an ultrasound scheduled for Noah this past Monday to take a look at a mass that had been recently seen in his bladder. The doctor’s assessment after the ultrasound: “No mass detected” Glory! Thank you for your prayers for Noah and his health!

We continue to see folks in Tempe returning back to church after recovering from Covid or completing their quarantine time. We’re probably around 50% of our normal attendance for church services, but that number continues to rise! Because we had so many people in Tempe out sick before Christmas, we postponed the annual children’s Christmas play and it will be performed during this Sunday’s Evening Service. It’s always a treat to watch our kids do this yearly show!

Of course the big news this week is the Prescott Conference… With last July’s Conference being only online, lots of people are looking forward to being able to attend in person again. For those that will be watching this Conference online, the schedule has been moved one hour earlier than usual, so the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evening services will begin at 6:00pm. World Evangelism night on Thursday will begin at 5:00pm.

Kevin Teeling’s brother in law has created an app with the 2021 Daily Bible Reading on it. It contains the chapter references of each day’s reading as well as the actual daily text in the King James Version. He has provided a reference to it here if you’d like to utilize it:

The Prescott Conference will be our prayer focus for the coming week. I’ve attached several slides that you may utilize in your church and prayer meetings to focus your prayers on the Conference as well as the Preachers.

I pray that God’s anointing will be with you this weekend and over this coming week!

Until next time, God bless you brother!


Focus Fire – 10-16 January 2021
Additional Prayer Needs – 10-16 January 2021
Prescott Conference – 11-15 January 2021

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