Hello my brother…

I trust that you’ve had a “Holy Ghost” week participating in the Prescott Conference in person or watching it online! It’s been a powerful and significant week that will ripple throughout the world for years to come. Thank You God for all that You accomplished this past week in and through our leadership church in Prescott, Arizona.

On Wednesday, I received a great report and prayer update from our brother Nathan Oropeza (his prayer requests are included on this week’s “additional Prayer Needs this week” slide) He ended his report with the following: “On a separate note, I will give a victory report. During the week of fasting and prayer, our church was robbed and cleaned out of pretty much everything (PA, projector, mics, cables, cleaning supplies, etc). We have insurance but likely not enough to cover the loss. The Sunday before Prescott conference, I challenged our church to give and one of our families gave $1,000. We will now have enough to buy everything and to get it brand new!”   Awesome! Praise Jesus!

I also heard from our brother Misael Moreno and he let me know that he and his family have arrived safely in Mexico City! He’s got a prayer request for us and it’s also listed on the “additional Prayer Needs this week” slide.

Our Tempe church calendar for this weekend only includes our services on Sunday… but I’m sure our Pastors will be bringing back the spirit of the Conference with them and I look forward to their anointed ministry!

This week’s 2 Focused Fire target couples/churches and their current prayer needs are included on the attached files. Thank you for joining us in bombarding heaven on behalf of these targets!
May God bless all that you do this weekend and throughout the coming week!

With arm regards and appreciation,Kevin

Suphap & Naviporn Phongsat – Udon Thani, Thailand
Nick & Jennifer Russell – Addison, IL
Additional Prayer Needs

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