Greetings brother!

Here we are again at the beginning of another weekend! I enjoyed the lingering remnant and focus of Conference that was with us throughout this past week. Not only did we hear some great reflections from Pastor Aulson and reports from some that attended Conference, but we watched Richard Rubi’s Conference sermon together on Sunday night, and had 2 additional weeknights that we showed 2 more Conference sermons each night!

This past Tuesday night, Kevin Burrus kicked off another season of Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” classes. This is the third time that we’re offering this class. I hope we’ll have another good turnout. Tonight, our Home Bible Studies met, and Sunday morning at 8:00am, Pastor Aulson has scheduled a “Serious Men” class. We were scheduled to have Victor & Kimberly Vargas’s Farewell Service on Sunday night, but that has been pushed out at least one week due to paperwork. Then Monday night, it’s back up to Prescott for the monthly Men’s Discipleship class. Paul Stephens will be teaching this class.

Our two Focused Fire targets for this coming week, along with their current prayer requests are listed on the attached slides. Thanks so much for standing with us and praying for these precious couples. The Focused Fire ministry is enhanced because of your participation!

God bless you throughout the coming week.

Until next time,Kevin

Esteban & Juridia Medellin in Col. Terrazas del Valle, Mexico

Santino & Tania Juarez in SE Portland, OR
Additional Prayer Needs

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