Well my brother, the big week has arrived… And we’re very excited for this year’s Tempe Conference! As I mentioned last week, our conference theme this year is “miracles”, and we are expecting to see and hear of many miracles throughout the Conference! Our weather forecast for next week is calling for hot days in the low to high 90’s and beautiful evenings in the 60’s.

Here in Tempe, Conference always “starts” a day early as some of our Pastors come in and are with us the Sunday before. Our brother Artie Marin and his family were already in town for our Midweek Service this past Wednesday night! Our brother Vitalii Glopina from Moldova will be here this week and will be preaching for us on Sunday morning, and our brother Francesco James from Malta will be preaching for us on Sunday evening. I can hardly wait for next week!

And we’re also thanking God for all of you that joined us this past week by fasting and praying for the Conference! We’re trusting that you’re ready for a fantastic week of ministry, encouragement, refreshment and fellowship!

The Conference itself is our Focused Fire prayer target this week, and I’ve attached a few slides that you can use as a reminder.

See you in the next few days! May God bless your preparations and travel…

Your brother and prayer partner,

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