Hello brother! I have lots to share with you this week…

First, I’d like to welcome 3 new pastors to this group of Focused Fire prayer partners! Each of them reached out to me after receiving last week’s Tempe Prayer Targets email and expressed an interest in regularly praying for the needs that get targeted through Focused Fire.

First is Esteban Romero from San Diego, CA. Brother Esteban and his wife Ivonne are a daughter church of our brother Joe Rice and they began pioneering in 2014.

Next is this past week’s international Focused Fire target, Simphiwe Ngcumbe from Thembalethu, South Africa. He and his wife Zettie are a daughter church of our brother Randal van Staden and also began pioneering in 2014.

Also, missionary Ramon Jungco currently in Bangkok, Thailand will be joining us! Brother Ramon and his wife Sheng are from the Davao, Philippines church and have been in Bangkok since 2016. Welcome to each of you… it’s great to have you joining us!

I received an update on Thursday from our brother Paul Castanon regarding his daughter Savannah (we’ve been praying for her health):”The Dr’s are still unsure about what’s causing her pain. But Pastor Aulson prayed for her and she is feeling better. Believing God for a complete recovery.”

Thank you brother for continuing to pray for Savannah Castanon’s total healing!

I received a report earlier today from our brother Artie Marin regarding his recent Revival with our brother Casey Mammen:”just wanted to send over a victory report, we had a wonderful Revival with Pastor Mammen. We saw visitors in all but one service with a total of 3 people getting saved, Prayed for healing every night and the people were encouraged.

Did a discipleship on Sat morning and Monday night which encouraged the Men greatly. One of the great highlights of the week was one of the disciples Father came out and gave his live to Jesus which was huge, we are praying that the fruit from this revival will Remain. Once again I want to thank you and all the prayer partners for praying for Brazil. Thanks.”

All praise to God for what He accomplished through this Revival!

We’ll be having a Tempe Men’s Discipleship class with Pastor Kuehneman on Saturday evening. And we just learned tonight that Pastor Paul Stephens will be stopping in Tempe on Sunday morning and will preach for our morning service… we look forward to his powerful ministry! And of course we’re also looking forward to all the sermons that will be preached this coming week at Prescott’s Summer Conference! Here’s a link to the Prescott Livestream page: https://www.prescottpottershouse.com/livestream

As always, this week’s Focused Fire will be targeting the Prescott Conference. I’ve also received several other prayer requests and have included them on the “additional Prayer Needs this week” slides (2 pages this week!) The .pdf, .doc and .jpg files of this week’s prayer requests are attached for your publication and use throughout the upcoming week. Thanks for helping us to pray!

May God bless you throughout this weekend and also through Conference week!

Until next time,Kevin

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