Hello my brother… from wet and cool Tempe, Arizona!

We’ve been having some wonderful weather this past week with lots of rain and wind and cooler temperatures… And it’s forecasted to continue through the weekend, (with high temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s!)

I’ve received several reports that I’d like to share with you:

  • from our brother Pastor Justin Carl (regarding his revival with his Pastor Robert Dodd just before the Prescott Conference): “We had a great time in revival with my Pastor (Pastor Dodd). There was miracle ministry all through out and visitor being prayed for and set free. Thank you to all our Focus Fire prayer warriors! God bless,”
  • from our brother Missionary Nathan Oropeza (he and his family were our international target this past week and they departed the U.S. on Wednesday to Phnom Penh, Cambodia): “We made it to Cambodia safe and sound. We had tremendous favor with authorities who accepted all of our paperwork. We also met a lady and her family on the plane who knew one of our missionaries in Battambang, she has been very helpful in giving us extra tips and tricks to get through the rigorous incoming screening process. It’s midnight here and I just woke up like it’s morning time so our clocks need to get adjusted – 13 more days of quarantine to go! We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers, God is good!”  (Brother Nathan is porting his Arizona phone number and using the same gmail address, so he’s reachable the same ways you’ve interacted with him in the past. Please let me know if you’d like his contact information to stay in touch. I’m sure he’d be blessed to hear from you!)
  • from our brother Evangelist Paul Castanon (who is currently in Eagle Pass, TX doing 3 revivals for our brother Pastor Lado Esquivel): “I wanted to say thank you for the prayers offered up during this revival in Lorado, TX. The church was hit very hard due to COVID-19, many church members haven’t returned back. They recently decided to switch from spanish to english services. Our first service was on Sunday morning and I felt a spirit of heaviness and discouragement upon Pastor Danny and his family. I preached the sermon ‘Reason for the curse’…at the alter call God wanted me to take them back to when they first came to Lorado, the excitement and fire and told them that people are in heaven right now because of their sacrifice, that God will bring a time of refreshing and a new strength. We prayed and we sensed a dark cloud of barrenness and discouragement was lifted. Then everything changed.
    A man named Mike had gotten saved 7 months ago. He came out of homosexuality. On Sunday, he was still wearing weird bracelets, had long nails and talked feminine. But by Wednesday, his nails were cut, bracelets gone, he started wearing a shirt and tie and his voice was starting to sound a little more masculine. Completely transformed!!
    A guy named Alfredo, got saved 4 years ago. He has a job and is very faithful. He came for prayer for medical issues but God wanted me to ask him if he would like to be married someday and have a family. He was a little surprised, he said yes. I told him God will bless him with a Godly wife and children because Jesus loves him. He lit up!! Next day at church he came with a nice haircut, bought some new dress shoes and brand new church clothes. Totally changed!!
    A man named Frankie finally made a decision to be faithful to church after coming to 4 revival services. And other miracles took place. Pastor Danny, Maggie and their children are straight up soldiers for Christ!! A very precious family, they seemed to be excited and refreshed through the Holy Spirit!! Sorry such a long report but so much happened. Thank you and God Bless!!”

As always, Thank You Lord for moving in and through the churches that we are praying for… All Glory to Your Name!

We’ve had a “Holy Ghost” week in Tempe! On Sunday morning, we had the farewell service for brother Nathan Oropeza and his family. He preached a sermon on risk taking called “Beyond Our Limits” and it was excellent! (Here’s the YouTube link if you’d like to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iMfFr3eXgs) Nathan’s parents, Chris & Alicia also attended and Pastor Aulson honored Chris Oropeza by asking him to join the Tempe Pastors and Council Members as they prayed for brother Nathan and sister Adria at the end of the service.

And on Sunday evening we held a Jesus People Wedding for sister Rachel Clark from Tempe and the groom is Tomas Portillo from Pastor Joe Campbell’s church in Chandler. Between our 2 congregations, it was a Conference-size crowd for the wedding… And it was a God-honoring, beautiful ceremony!

On Tuesday evening, Pastor Aulson called a meeting of everyone that had attended the Prescott Conference for some discussion and strategizing to keep the momentum going!
At our Midweek service on Wednesday night, Pastor Aulson preached a sermon called “Don’t Delay”, and challenged us to swift obedience.
Saturday morning, we’ll be having several nearby churches join us for Local Outreach at 10:30am as we make a push to invite people to the Prescott Star Trek production that will be presented in Tempe next Saturday evening, 7/31.
Sunday will be filled with our usual Sunday schedule, followed by a monthly baptism after the evening service.

And then our annual Vacation Bible School will be held nightly this coming Monday through Friday evenings.

Needless to say, we’ve got a lot to do over this next week, and would appreciate your prayers as you think of us in these coming days! Also, I’ve attached slides of this week’s 2 Focused Fire target couples/churches along with their current prayer requests in several file formats. Thank you brother for your faithfulness in standing with us in prayer…

I pray that God’s anointing and inspiration will be your portion throughout this weekend!

God bless you much,Kevin

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