Happy weekend my brother! Once again I’ve got lots to share with you…

First, I’d like to pass along several reports I’ve received from Evangelist Paul Castanon’s recent revival services in Texas and Mexico:

  • (from our brother Pastor Danny Esquivel in Laredo, TX): “Yes we had an awesome time with Pastor Paul! We have been truly ‘revived’ by this revival from the Holy Ghost preaching, the laying on of hands for healing, and responding to the calling of God! After the revival, two of our new converts went with us street preaching for the first time (with one of them saying how this revival has sparked a fire in him and wants to keep it going)! He spoke to the youth with powerful and encouraging words at the altar with some responding to the call of God. My whole family was truly blessed and refreshed as he gave each of us a word. Pastor Paul truly has a gifting ‘doing the work of an evangelist’.  Almost forgot, he also was blessed to get a feel of the South Texas heat as well!”
  • (from our brother Pastor Sergio Martinez in Piedras Negras, Mexico): ” Hello  Focused Fire partners, I wanted to give a report of the 3 day revival we had in Piedras Negras, Mexico with Evangelist Paul Castanon this past week. God moved powerfully in all 3 services. The first night we saw a number of healings from pain and sicknesses. Also 4 people got filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues!! There was a family of 6 that got saved! God is moving powerfully in Piedras Negras! All the members of the church were impacted by this revival! One member in particular heard the calling from God for his destiny. Thank you so much for your prayers. Keep praying for us as we win souls for God’s kingdom. Faithfully,”
  • (from our brother Pastor Lado Esquivel in Eagle Pass, TX): “We had a tremendous time with Paul Castanon! God gave us a breakthrough! We saw several backsliders come back, and we also saw first time visitors.  The church was almost completely full Monday through Wednesday. People responded to salvation. A number of people were healed. The gift of prophecy was manifested. There was a spirit of joy and anticipation. Please thank all the focused fire warriors for their prayers!!”
  • Glory! Thank You Jesus for powerfully using our brother Paul in these 3 churches. May the fruit from these revivals last and multiply!

    We’ve had a wonderful week in Tempe… Pastor Aulson celebrated 47 years of salvation on Tuesday and his sermons on Sunday and Wednesday acknowledged what the Lord has done in his life and ministry.

    On Sunday evening, 4 men were water baptized and we praise God for their obedience and testimonies! Countless children and dozens of adult and teen workers were involved in our annual Vacation Bible School this past Monday through Friday evenings. We look forward to hearing about their experience, watching the video, and honoring all the participants at the end of our Sunday Evening service this weekend.

    We heard on Wednesday that Pastor Paul Stephens will be coming to Tempe for a Revival Sunday evening, August 15th through Wednesday evening, August 18th! Both Pastor Stephens and Pastor Aulson were scheduled to go preach at the Bible Conference in Russia that week, but their plans were canceled due to travel restrictions.

    On Sunday morning, we will be having our brother Missionary MacArthur Smith from Worcester, South Africa as our preacher! He will be in the U.S. with one of his daughters and we’re thankful that he’ll be spending some time with us in Tempe!

    And the annual Teen Boot Camp will be taking place this coming week in Las Vegas, NM. Tim Linklater and Paul Castanon will be taking 4 teens (“boots”) from Tempe and 2 from CA. Boot Camp is always a life-changing week for all of the teen and adult participants. I’ve included this on the “additional Prayer Needs this week” slide as a reminder for us to be praying for them throughout the week.

    Our 2 Focused Fire target couples/churches and their current prayer requests are listed on the attached slides in 3 different file formats. Please use whichever one works best for you for publication and use through the coming week. Thank you brother for standing with us in praying for these precious couples and prayer needs… your involvement in this ministry is a blessing!

    May God anoint all that you do over these next several days!

    Until next time,Kevin

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