Greetings brother… I hope you’ve had a great week!

I mentioned last time that on Saturday night we would be hosting the latest Louie Paulino production from Prescott called “Star Trek: Out of Darkness”. We had a great turnout for the play and 9 or 10 souls were saved. Pastor Aulson was so blessed that he asked Louie Paulino if they would come back soon for an encore performance?

It sounds like the production will indeed return to Tempe on September 4th. We’re praying that we’ll have an even greater turnout of visitors and backsliders, with many getting saved!

Pastor Chris Aulson will be having pastoral transition services this Sunday in East Las Vegas… I just received an update from him: “It’s been a busy day…we’re racing down the homestretch! You nailed it on the transition process (Sun AM and PM)…Justin and Melissa Manzanares are taking the church from us (coming in from Fresno, CA). As far as prayer requests go, just favor with the move (for all of us), an open door for Christopher (our oldest) for a job and vehicle once we get to Tempe, and a smooth transition (both in East Las Vegas and in Tempe).

Still working out details on our first service in Tempe…Following Sunday morning (at the latest)…just in time for REVIVAL with Pastor Stephens!! Looking forward to getting to Tempe. Appreciate all the prayers…and likewise praying for you guys! Partnering for Revival!”We’re all very excited about the addition of the Pastor Chris & Melanie Aulson family into the Tempe church!

There are several events taking place this weekend and into the coming week: (I’ve included the Maricopa and Hendersonville events on the “additional Prayer Needs this week” slide since they fall within the date range of this coming week’s Focused Fire dates. This will serve as a reminder to us to pray for these events.)

  • Fri, 8/6 & Sat, 8/7 Healing Crusade with Evangelist Frankie Chi in Addison, IL with our brother Nick Russell
  • Fri, 8/6 – Sun, 8/8 Revival Services with our brother Casey Mammen in Maricopa, AZ with our brother Kevin Teeling
  • Sun, 8/8 – Wed, 8/11 Revival Services with Evangelist Vic Harris in Hendersonville, TN with Pastor Vince Savarese

On Wednesday night, Pastor Aulson informed us that he will be having a day of prayer & fasting/personal consecration this coming Monday, 8/9/21. With the current state of things in our country/government/covid, he wants to “get a bead” from God regarding what’s coming and how to respond. He’s asked us to join him in this throughout the day and then also for a congregational prayer meeting at 7:00pm to culminate the day of prayer and fasting. Please join us if you’re interested/able…

This week’s 2 Focused Fire target couples/churches and their current prayer requests are shown on the attached files. Thank you for partnering with us in praying for these beloved servants as they take their cities for Jesus Christ!

I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and lead all that you do throughout this weekend and the coming week!

Your brother and prayer partner,Kevin

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